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Frequently asked questions.

1. What are BOO BOO BAGS®?
BOO BOO BAGS® are therapeutic bags that can be heated or frozen to alleviate aches and pains.

2. What is inside BOO BOO BAGS
Believe it or not, corn! Corn is special due to its ability to retain heat without cooking the corn. It also holds cold temperature from inside.

3.How do I clean them?
Please just spot treat with a damp cloth.

4. Can the small ( 4x5 ) bag be heated?
No, due to it’s small size, we do not recommend heating this bag. It may cause burns. Only certain bags can be frozen or heat treated based off the tag and fabric on the bag.

5. How long do the bags last heated and frozen?
Heated bags can stay hot up to one hour, frozen bags stay cold for about 20-30 minutes. 

6. How long should the bags be heated in the microwave?
Since not all microwaves are the same, we recommend using caution when heating your bag. Start heating your bag on full power heat in 30 second increments until you get the desired effect. Boo Boo Bags can also be heated in oven @ 200 degrees on a flat baking pan. Monitor every 10 minutes. 

Always do a touch test to make sure your bag is not too hot, overheating will cause burns and ruin your bag!!

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